Gee wow

Gee wow

Now, i’ve been enjoying the work of a certain street artist by the name of Gary Stranger on walls and hoardings around Brighton & Hove for a few years, and i think i even clocked his stark, somehow 80s texts and smooth tones before i knew who he actually was. There was an amazing letter ‘G’ just up from the Brighton Dome on the edge of a car park, for instance. Might still be there.


What’s gone and happened is that the guy has been specially commissioned by the Ditchling Museum to put his works up across a few choice houses in the village. It’s called The Village Of Type and goes hand in hand with the current exhibition around type uberlord, Edward Johnston, who’s centenary it is this year and who was basically the man who did the fonts for London Underground.

Find out more here

Oh yes, and Stranger’s work is freehand. BLOODY FREEHAND.


Get thee to Ditchling!


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