Michele del Campo does everything

You probably know someone – someone annoying – who seems to produce amazing art in whichever medium takes their fancy.

Sorry, but prepare to be annoyed again.

London-via-Italy’s Michele del Campo first came to my attention in 2014 when I chanced upon his 2009 monotone linocut, ‘The Models’. And boy, did I look at it. I pored over it in fact, trying to work out how anyone could construct something with such depth and elegance in the often primitive linocut form.

models 2009

The planning alone on this would keep me awake at night, just thinking about which line would go where, how the light should fall, perspective, blah blah blah.

And look at this – ‘Rainy Night’ from the same year…

rainy night 2009

Again, there’s a cheeky bum, a fine human form, but also a sleeping feline, the casual (ie impossible) choice to give the duvet cover a zebra print – as if the shadows weren’t complicated enough – and then that fine rain outside. Stuff is tricky!

Oh and, yes, he also does amazing paintings….

mural 2007

…and has cool Italian trousers. Gotta hate him.


See more right here


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