Fits the bill

The prints of North Carolina’s Bill Fick take me to Halloween, the Day of the Dead, a warped childhood, films I was too young to see but still imagined, slapstick deaths and all the places in between. Whatever those places are.


Now 25 years into his printmaking career and with work in the collections of such grand institutions as the Harvard University and The New York Public Library, he can currently be found teaching in the printmaking department of Dukes University.

The work of his that grabs me most is made up of the heads of countless dubious characters presumably from a dark(ish) imagination – from mummies to ghouls and plenty of other festering bonces.


Bill’s also the director of the excellent printmakers’ collective/studio, Supergraphic, and its easily hireable Super G Print Lab, which specialises in lithography, monotype, relief and screenprinting (you can find all the relevant gubbins about that right here).

Anyway – don’t have nightmares….

Fick_Terrorist-2Bill’s website is here

will taylor

Bill at work at Super G (pic Will Taylor)


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