out of her mind

There’s art I like, and there’s art I admire but don’t necessarily like. Then there’s a terrifying sector of art which I’m afraid of.

the moment of conception 2008.png

the moment of conception, 2008

Not because of its content or the topics it covers, but because I just don’t get how it’s possible for a human being to produce it with the limited human being-type facilities we each have.

boom boom 2010

boom boom, 2010

Well, Ivana Svabic Cannon’s work falls into category three. The Bristol-based printmaker and illustrator’s linocuts specifically don’t look like prints at all. They’re otherworldly, luminescent, spooky and alluring. In fact, my favourite works of hers are the ones that hum.

i & my tango friend 2012

i and my tango, 2012

But no, I’ve not a clue as to how they seem so vivid, why they work so well, or which bits are made using which techniques. But I’m glad I don’t know, as some things are better left to the imagination. And I’m sure Ivana is in possession of a vast one.

For more on her collective go HERE.

And for her website, where you can gobble up prints and more, go HERE



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