Luke Drozd and double sorrow

At the Flatstock annual gig poster event in Barcelona last weekend (OK, so it was tagged on to Primavera, but hey) I was double happy to learn that the printer and all-round good egg Luke Drozd of London would have a stall.

1947 pinball print

Now, as a lowly bedroom printer, I always expect these accomplished proper artists to operate in a different sphere to myself – one of professionalism, meetings, contra-deals with global brands and bands, and well structured ideas.

So I definitely didn’t expect yer man Drozd to be manning his own stall at the event, selling his own prints, t-shirts and a rather tasty selection of badges.

I bought this one…

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 14.47.23

(and then i bought another one because my friend saw this pic on instagram and asked me to buy her one).

It’s pretty indicative of the dark humour in all of Luke’s work, which he himself describes as “art that is odd and joyous, and things that are the right side of wrong” – check out his mildly unnerving Valentine’s card for further evidence:


Finally, here’s a bunch of his many gig posters, which are how I first heard of/saw the wonderful work he makes.

buxton green man

Adam Buxton at Green Man, 2015.


Graham Coxon in Germany, 2012.


Dinosaur Jr in Sweden, 2013.

He’s at the Porto version of the Primavera fest this weekend coming, but his website (HIYA!) informs me he is back next week, when i will be buying loads of stuff from it.


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