damn this guy’s cool


Kii Arens, as well as having a name cooler than me and probably you too, seems to be ultra mega connected.

See, I’ve always loved gig posters, and these days it seems you can’t even play to one man and his dog at the local pub without having to offer your fans one of 150 limited prints over at your merch table.


But Kii (yep, still a cool name) makes them for the very best. And repeatedly too. His digital works often give the feel of hand hewn screenprints, and his best stuff is the most geometric, with lines sweeping all over the place, lots of space, calm.


His back story reads likes a film – he was brought in to help in a hotel at the much maligned Woodstock 94 festival, but after being randomly asked to a meeting about  the fest’s overall design, was vocal about how the feel of the event needed to look forwards more, not backwards.

Now based in Hollywood with his cool name and with 250 posters under his belt, Kii also directs music videos. Luminaries like Glen Campbell and QOTSA love getting in front of his lens’ eye.


But I love him for his posters. And the more simplistic the better I reckon.

BECK Sky Turbo 7.24.14 24x18

You can visit his extensive, migraine inducing gig print history and buy most of them RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

And of course, he’s a VERY SOCIAL guy.




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