let’s push things Forward


Dancing Couples

You may know it was the EU referendum result here in the UK today and rather than get political and speak about how utterly, gallingly depressing it all is (see what I did there?), I thought I’d take the opportunity to look Forward. Hannah Forward specifically.

What first got me into her serene relief prints was the form and grace of them I think. She works from her own photos of what she terms ordinary, rarely documented scenes in the world, then moves over to coloured drawings, before cutting and inking up her prints.


Bus Ride to Whitehawk

Based in Brighton, much of her output feels semi-familiar to me as a Hove lad, but you might have seen her work in The Guardian (or, somewhat less likely, for the Finnish Refugee Council).

When I look at her work I’m reminded of walking around town, a little bit of Where’s Wally, casual people watching and my own failed attempts to pair colours so well. Hannah just gets it right.

She really is a master when it comes to colour and shapes – think the 1950s, cosy plate sets, atomic design, that sort of thing – but all applied to vast crowd scenes you’d have to be double ambitious to attempt to replicate in print form.



Anyway, you can see lots more of her work RIGHT HERE, and therein you can find out how to buy it on Artfinder (shortcut HERE).

(which I also joined last week, by the way, shameless plug – HERE)

at work

Right, now back to moping.


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