Picasso in Liverpool

Wow, Picasso eh?

In his later years he made some pretty darn deft reduction linocuts, and the British Museum, being as all-encompassing as you’d expect, own a bundle. They’re large scale prints in four colours (from what i can work out from the few released pics) and are as impressive as much of the master’s other still life work.

And now, for the first time ever outside of that venerable institution, you can see them for yourself. They’ll be at Liverpool’s Lady Lever art gallery until January, and the exhibition started this week.


Still Life Under The Lamp. 1972 (courtesy the British Museum)

There’s something sweetly 1960s about them, don’t you think?

All 17 works at the new show were created in 1962, when Picasso was 80. 80 for god’s sake! He made prints throughout his career of course, across etching, lithography and linocut – more than 2,500 in fact – but this is the first time anyone will get to see them in the flesh outside of the M25.

For more information visit the gallery’s site.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.23.29


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