Pink Milk Prints


At this weekend’s Supernormal festival in south Oxfordshire, amongst all the extreme noise and even more extreme booze was a quaint little print-centred haven.

It offered newcomers to the world of print a chance to make something via screenprinting, linocutting, woodblocks, stencils, risograph and letterpress. And it was all based in a pink milkfloat. Which seemed absolutely normal at the time.

Named [Super] Common Press, the open printing-press was “dedicated to producing music ephemera for the festival and beyond,” and so, across the three days, you could see bootleg cassette inlays, lyric booklets, posters announcing gigs of the day (planned or impromptu), artwork for newly formed bands, LP and fanzine inserts and poetry/zines/manifestos printed and hung up around the float.



Run by Oxford printmakers Richard Lawrence, Dario Utreras and Antonia Stringer, it was crazy heavy busy all weekend, with the most enjoyable works produced coming from the under fives I reckon.

Here’s Dario’s flyer for the event, with its lovely messed up vinyl label feel…


Definitely better than watching Coldplay playing with one of the Bee Gees.


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