Ships Ahoy! New linocut print for sale…

Ahoy There!


It’s been a while, but I can today confirm rather haughtily that I have a NEW PRINT for SALE for BUYING and whatnot…


It’s based on one of a number of larger collages I made with good old fashioned scissors, paper and plenty glue over Christmas, a process which took me away from printing for a good while – but I’m very pleased with the results.

This piece is printed on my new favourite paper – HoSho from Japan. This is a thinner, stronger, altogether craftier paper which is lovely and textured and holds the ink like a peach. It’s a monochrome print in a run of just SIX. It’s an actual artwork, not an inkjet print out.

Yes, six.

It measures – well, it depends on which one you buy, but they were all roughly A4 size, although they come in a bit either way due to my (un)careful trimming, so some are larger, some slightly smaller.

They are signed and numbered and available to land lubbers and non-land lubbers HERE and HERE.

As you were.



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