Time to go



I can’t track everyone down. I’ve been interviewing linocutters for a few years now and they’ve all been absolutely lovely and kind to deal with my enquiries amid a hectic life of printing.

But sadly not everyone has the time, preferring instead to work on printing projects than pesky email questionnaires. But I thought, well, just because you don’t get into these printers’ heads, you can still celebrate their work.

The mysterious US printer Rich, who I met on twitter (he’s @BoardingAllRows if you want to connect) was someone I wanted to ask about a specific print – the one above – which seems to me to offer the kind of modernist, font heavy, “is it a print or isn’t it?” type of work I just love and would also love to be able to emulate.

It’s a departures board, which Rich says online was inspired by his ‘favourite’ airport, San Francisco (he likes his travel, does Rich). Look at those lines! Absolute perfection. If I could get even one word to look that tidy, let alone a whole departures board, I could give up printing happy.

Anyway, Rich was sadly unavailable to talk about this particular piece but I wanted to share it with you anyway. It’s a big bugger, measuring 16×20”, and is from an open run.

You can buy it HERE.

Almost makes you want to board a plane, doesn’t it?


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