Edward Bawden. The absolute man.

Time and time again when I interview printers about their influences, they tell me Edward Bawden (1903-89) is a key name.

I’ve been busy putting a printing magazine together lately, so sorry for the absence of Q&As, but let’s just stop and marvel at some of his linocuts for a bit eh? Take a moment. Here’s one of some lovely magpies and a peacock…


Wow right? And here’s one of Brighton pier…


And bloomin’ Smithfield Market…


Gotta love those meathooks.

He’s an absolute master of the linocut art, with a unique cut-out form to many of his colours, a smashing washed out look, and a geometric mastery. Of course, he also excelled at numerous other mediums.

He looked pretty badass too…


and he even has a mosaic type thing at Victoria Tube station (among others)…


You can read more about him at the Tate’s page here. Frankly, I’m not surprised so many artists cite him as an influence.

Now, back to magazine stuff. Toodle pip.


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