what the blazes?

Hi world,

The Probably Prints site is trying to spread the word about linocut basically, but also the work of artists I like in the field, and also my own shameless plugging.

More and more stuff connected to prints and my work and what I like will start appearing here and if you’re interested in buying anything by me check me out at artfinder and also on etsy.

I’m on twitter too of course, mouthing off the whole time. I don’t mind if you don’t follow me though.

I am also involved in Pressing Matters magazine, which you can buy and read about here.

You are now in the know. As you were.

2 thoughts on “what the blazes?

  1. Hi Jake, it was lovely to be your’s and Kerry’s neighbour at S/N-just been looking at your art-good stuff! Yvonne is on Artfinder as well. Hope your Sunday went well-did you get to see TOMAGA at all?
    cheers tim


    1. Thanks Tim – lovely to meet you too – we did catch a bit of tomaga i think but by that time everything was getting blurry! Hoep you got back ok, jk


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